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Expressive Therapy


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Expressive therapy refers to all classes of creative expression that are used in the context of therapy to help a person process and work through challenging emotions. Dr. Greer uses all types of creative expression (art, drama, music, play, and writing) in her work with those clients who find that creative expression enhances their healing process. But don’t worry - if you’re not the creative type, Dr. Greer will not force you to do art!

Art Therapy: Dr. Greer encourages clients of all ages to draw or paint images to help them process complex emotions that aren’t always easy to express in words. She also works with clients of all ages to create helpful visual aides to take home so that her clients can easily reference the skills they’ve learned in sessions.

Drama Therapy: For clients who learn better with hands-on-experiences, Dr. Greer will role play in therapy with her clients or even help her clients come up with “mini dramas” to illustrate important therapeutic concepts.

Music Therapy: Music can help clients of all ages find the words they need to express themselves before they may be able to in their own words. Music is also very soothing and healing. Dr. Greer encourages clients to bring in their own music to sessions as a way to enhance their therapeutic process. Dr. Greer uses music in sessions to teach clients how to meditate with music. She also helps clients give voice to their own thoughts and feelings by talking through song lyrics and melodies that move them. Dr. Greer has even been known to rap with her teenage boy clients to help them express themselves more fully and freely.

Play: People of all ages who are struggling with complex emotional issues can have trouble expressing themselves in words. That is why Dr. Greer incorporates play into therapeutic interventions with clients of all ages. Dr. Greer conducts “play therapy” with young children who prefer to use props in the office (dolls, stuffed animals, toys, etc.) as a way to communicate. Dr. Greer uses board games and other playful projects as a way to engage a pre-teen or teenage client who prefer to play while they also share their feelings and learn new therapy skills. Sometimes Dr. Greer uses play at the end of a particularly emotionally challenging session as way to reward a clients’ hard work and a way to help them calm down before they return to their day-to-day lives. Dr. Greer also uses play as a way to teach clients and families skills for enhancing communication and problem solving.

Writing: Many clients find that they prefer writing out their feelings before they are able to talk about them and process them in therapy. Dr. Greer provides journals for clients to take home as a way for them to track their emotions throughout the week. If clients are comfortable, Dr. Greer will review parts of the clients’ journal with them in session as a way to learn and grow from experiences that they journaled about throughout the week. Dr. Greer also encourages clients to write letters, stories, and poetry as a way to process and express complicated emotions, and as a way to help clients build self-confidence and develop their own voice. | 25050 Peachland Ave. Suite 250 Newhall, CA 91321 | 818-699-1184